Adrian Peterson Reinstated

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has confirmed that Adrian Peterson will be reinstated by the league and will be allowed to resume all football duties. We’re not here to debate whether what Peterson was accused of was heinous or not, and it certainly was, but the implications of his reinstatement could be felt in several areas of the Fantasy world.

The first big question is where will Peterson play?  He’s been vocal about his desires to play football somewhere other than Minnesotta, but the Vikings organization have said they have no plans to trade the star running back. What does all of this mean?

First, and the worst case scenario is that Peterson holds out to force Minnesotta’s hand. Is he willing to be docked another years worth of salary to prove his point? We’ve already established that Peterson is probably not the brightest bulb. Enter trade scenarios and landing spots.

Dallas Cowboys: What a boon this would be for the Cowboys and for fantasy owners as the elite offensive line that produced the leading fantasy RB in DeMarco Murray would elevate Peterson to 1 or 2 on my rankings. An offense that isn’t afraid to use the RB is a place that Peterson is desperate to play, and is the front runner to land Peterson if the Vikings comply with his request.

Minnesotta Vikings: Peterson could opt to play out the year if the Vikings are serious about retaining him. If this were the case, he’d have little competition for a bulk of the touches as the team lacked overall consistence from the RB position last year. A plus side is Peterson would be asked to shoulder the burden, so a 300-350 touch season would be expected.

Indianapolis Colts: From a football perspective, this makes a ton of sense, but the Colts will be a throw first team and this could impact Peterson from the standpoint of his overall Fantasy contributions. An elite player, he’d still be good for a top 10 finish, but the time of 2,000 yard season might be over if he’s wearing the horseshoe.

New York Jets: A team that lacks an identity on offense may be willing to over pay for a player like Adrian Peterson. This situation feels a lot like what he’s leaving behind in Minnesota so I’d imagine money would likely be a factor, but a ton of touches would follow especially with a Revis led defense stiffling opposing offenses.

Obviously teams near the bottom may be able to entice Minnesota with the lure of a top 10 draft pick, but the likelyhood of an Oakland or Jacksonville mortaging their future on the 30 year old RB when they’re so far from competing makes very little sense.

Either way, the fears around previously suspended players doesn’t exist here as it’s much easier to relapse into drugs or alcohol vs the domestic issues he’d plead no contest to.  As far as fantasy backs go, if Peterson plays, he’s a consensus top 10 pick and depending on where he lands and when may occupy my top spot come rankings week.


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