Tom Brady’s 4 Game Suspension

garoppoloSo our fears were realized as Tom Brady received his punishment from the NFL for his alleged role in deflategate. Now understand that this could very well be lightened to 1-2 games, but for now we’ll operate under the assumption that Brady will miss weeks 1-4.

What this means for Brady:

Brady becomes the biggest guess in the draft at this point. Some will point to his historic (at the time) season in 2007 after Spygate. This becomes instantly relevant as you hear the news of how angry Patriots front office members are. Often you see a QB hand off up 25 points in the 4th… not a league-scorned Patriots team.  Could Brady be worth his pre-suspension ADP considering this?

I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on Brady if he fell into the Joe Flacco / Colin Kaepernick range. I’m assuming Brady’s appeal will be met with some push back, so even if it stands at 4 games, I’ll take an angry Brady for the final 12 weeks knowing that he’ll be a stud in the playoffs.

What this means for Jimmy Garoppolo:

The man slated to take snaps under center in Brady’s absense is Jimmy Garoppolo. There’s an argument here that the Patriots are masters at hiding a QB’s deficiencies and planning to their strengths. When Matt Cassel stepped in for Brady in 2008, his regular season stats were Brady-esque despite not having nearly the football aqumen of the man he replaced.

A good way to look at Garoppolo is that he’s able to extend plays with his legs in a way that Brady can’t. He has plenty of sure-handed saftey blankets in Rob Gronkowski and Julien Edeleman, so I expect him to put up middle of the pack fantasy numbers. His legs may net you a good game or two ealy, but I’d caution drafting him unless your handcuffing for a Brady pick.

What this means for the rest of the team:

LeGarrett Blount (suspended one game himself) should have a good chance to carry the ball a lot in weeks 2-4. He’s the type of runner that gets better with volume, so having a Blount that’s rolling could help when Brady returns.

Rob Gronkowski shouldn’t suffer too much as they will likely scheme to him a great deal due to his size and ability to match up in the middle. Garoppolo attempted a ton of his passes Gronk’s way in the preaseason last year and I expect that to stay the same.

Julien Edelman is a volume receiver and he takes a bit of a hit if Garoppolo struggles. I expect them to use a lot of short and intermediate plays early so he shouldn’t suffer much.

Brandon LaFell is the player that sufferes the most on offense. Garoppolo threw a few nice deep balls last year, and LaFell showed he isn’t afraid to run and stick to his routes and take a hit. Still, I expect him to be too deep on the check down list to be of much impact until Brady returns.

What do you think about the fallout from the Brady Suspension?


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