NFL Announces Extra Point Rule Change

fieldgoalThe NFL announced this week it’s intentions to change the rules regarding the extra points after touchdowns. The major change comes as the league looks to provide a more exciting game from wire to wire. It does this in two different ways.

1. By moving the extra point attempt from the 2 yard line to the 15, it makes a more difficult attempt at a single point. The percentage is still incredibly high (roughly 95% of FG’s were made under 30 yards this year) but is still a few misses shy of the %99+ on 2 yard PATs. This will lead to coaches evaluating the scenario in which the 2 yard attempt for 2 points to possibly opt for that route; a more exciting football play.

2. They changed the PAT rules to allow for blocked or fumbled plays during the extra point to be returned for points. Until now, the ball was a dead ball on PATs. This means that both teams are playing for something on these attempts, again providing incentive to make exciting plays.

Addressing how often a coach may opt for two is as simple as looking at the numbers. A 15 yard PAT will fall around 90-95% (higher for teams with hyper efficient kicking games). a 2pt conversion falls just shy of 50% (47 and change). On one hand, if you don’t need two points, this doesn’t mean you’ll go for it. It means in poor weather conditions or when it’s a coin flip, it may allow for more of these plays to exist.

THE VERDICT: There’s some tension in this, so fans win with a few plays every year. As for fantasy impact, this is almost 0% change in how we’ll view our teams. Don’t over or undervalue a player because of his roles as a goal line specialist in the chance that he may have the opportunity once or twice more a year for a 2 point conversion.


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