Arian Foster Injury Fallout

fosterThe first big (and somewhat predictable) name to appear in headlines for long-term injury concerns is Houston Texans star running back Arian Foster. Suffering a hamstring injury on Monday, new reports make it clear he’ll likely opt for surgery putting his return somewhere around week 6 to 8. The obvious fall out for this revolves around the already spotty depth at the running back position.

At this point, the only back on the roster worth considering as a fantasy option is Alfred Blue, but despite solid numbers overall, his performance from week to week was wildly inconsistent. If the season started expect numbers similar to that of a low-end RB3 or flex starter.

An interesting tidbit to watch here is that Pierre Thomas was invited to visit the Texans as a potential short-term replacement for Foster. A team that relies heavily on the RB in the passing game, Thomas’ skill set fits the teams needs to a “t” and if he’s ready to go, provides a better short-term option both for the Texans and for fantasy owners.

Now, keep in mind that Foster has had these types of injuries in the past, and despite his age and mileage, continues to prove us all wrong, so a flier type pick on him to stash on IR (if your league allows it) isn’t an awful idea if he returns healthy for the second half of the season.

As always keep a close eye on the situation; the silver lining here is that it is early enough in training camps that you can adjust your draft strategy accordingly.


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