Can Brock Osweiler Bounce Back? published a story HERE examining the quarter back competition in Cleveland. When the Browns traded for Osweiler many (myself included) excpeted the underwhelming and overpaid QB to be cut and toil on waivers. Between then and now, though, Osweiler has impressed enough in camp to be kept around.

osweilerIs he still there to promote a healthy compeition? It’d be hard not to reach that conclusion after Cleveland drafted Notre Dame QB Deshone Kizer to be the corner stone while keeping Kessler on the roster to start until he was ready.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Now, as always, I temper my expectations for any and all Cleveland Browns quarter backs; drafting one usually ends up in an inauspicious roster dump, but with the needle pointing up, this could be a great jumping off point for the young QB.

There are plenty of teams in the NFL that could use a QB now, and several more that will be looking for one in the future. Could Osweiler and his big arm be a fit for the David Johnson led Arizona Cardinals in a post-Carson Palmer world? Or would he fit better in Buffalo or Miami, two AFC East teams short on franchise QB’s and a history of handing the reigns to unproven talent?

The most likely place for Osweiler is… on the Cleveland Bench. It’s unlikely that he starts in week 1 over Kessler, but I’d bet that before long he’s given the chance to prove himself. He sounds motivated to put last year behind him, and a few good starts could change the NFL’s opinion of him.


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