Seattle Running Game, Who To Target

CarsonPennyWith drafts taking shape on the horizon, it begins to fall to us commentators to provide insight into the always present position battles that spring up around the league. One of the more interesting stories out of preseason camps is the battle for touches in the Seattle backfield.

The current depth chart (provided by CBS Sports) shows rookie RB Rashaad Penny on top, but it’s the name just below his that’s been drawing my interest. There was an interesting story published over on the Seahawks website, stating that Chris Carson “Has looked incredible”, adding some fuel to the fire that this may not be as forgone a conclusion as we once had thought.

He’s a look at the current ADP price for each of the back’s currently inline for touches.

  • Rashad Penny – 41st overall
  • Chris Carson – 151st overall
  • Mike Davis/C.J. Prosise/J.D.McKissick – Undrafted

It sure seems that drafters are valuing Penny, the surprise first rounder, as the guy to own; but I’m not so sure that’s the case.

Clearly, he’s going to get a look as the starter, but with so many talented pass catchers on the roster, there’s not a clear path to 3 down territory, and if Carson has anything to say about it, he may not have more than a committee’s share.

If Carson wins¬†any percentage of touches, the value on Penny plummets, making that 5th round ADP nerve wracking. We’ve seen it before, as players like Le’Veon Bell and Lamar Miller didn’t turn in dominating performances until their second year.

With a player like Carson, there’s some evidence that he can play in the league, and with his ADP in the 16th round, he presents far less risk for much of the same upside. If he continues to impress in camp, there’s been no inclination out of Seattle that it’s Penny’s job to lose no matter what. With a history of riding the hot hand, there’s a very real possibility that Carson could overtake Penny on the depth chart, making that 16th round pick far more attractive.

Now, please take the above with the a grain of salt, as I still think Penny represents the best chance for a top 15 RB finish, but if the news continues to revolve around the other backs around him, I may not be willing to pay the price to have him on my team.


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