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Can Brock Osweiler Bounce Back? published a story HERE examining the quarter back competition in Cleveland. When the Browns traded for Osweiler many (myself included) excpeted the underwhelming and overpaid QB to be cut and toil on waivers. Between then and now, though, Osweiler has impressed enough in camp to be kept around.

osweilerIs he still there to promote a healthy compeition? It’d be hard not to reach that conclusion after Cleveland drafted Notre Dame QB Deshone Kizer to be the corner stone while keeping Kessler on the roster to start until he was ready.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Now, as always, I temper my expectations for any and all Cleveland Browns quarter backs; drafting one usually ends up in an inauspicious roster dump, but with the needle pointing up, this could be a great jumping off point for the young QB.

There are plenty of teams in the NFL that could use a QB now, and several more that will be looking for one in the future. Could Osweiler and his big arm be a fit for the David Johnson led Arizona Cardinals in a post-Carson Palmer world? Or would he fit better in Buffalo or Miami, two AFC East teams short on franchise QB’s and a history of handing the reigns to unproven talent?

The most likely place for Osweiler is… on the Cleveland Bench. It’s unlikely that he starts in week 1 over Kessler, but I’d bet that before long he’s given the chance to prove himself. He sounds motivated to put last year behind him, and a few good starts could change the NFL’s opinion of him.


Hidden Gems (QB)

EvRG3ery year we spend our fantasy prep time pouring through periodicals and compiling statistics based off of “expert” analysis. And while this information is invaluable, we often times ignore the most important players to a championship team: The Bench.

Finding these hidden gems can be difficult but rewarding when your first and second round picks start experiencing the injuries that come with playing as often as elite NFL players do. We’ll examine who from the bargain barrel section of the drafts can help you when they inevitably enter the fray.

Surest Thing – Ryan Tannehill: While it’s always been a rule of thumb to wait on a QB, Tannehill is being drafted far later than his recent performances would dictate in my opinion. As a passer, he’s averaged nearly 4,000 yards and 25 TD’s following his rookie season, and he’s a good bet to add 200 yards on the ground to that. Coupled with the fact that Adam Gase got decent fantasy numbers out of Jay Cutler and he’s returning a talented WR group that will likely be better this year and you have a case for Tannehill to be the best bet amongst the late round picks this year.

Highest Risk Reward – Brock Osweiler: Being drafted in the last rounds of drafts, Osweiler has a lot to prove after only 8 starts last year for the eventual Superbowl Champion Broncos. Now he’s got the offense to himself and he’s playing under Bill O’Brien who has managed to squeeze more out of Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallet than maybe we expected. With a go-and-get it WR in Hopkins as a saftey blanket, it’s just as easy to envision 4,000 yards and 25 TDs as it is a complete flameout as a starter. At pick 200, he’s worth a shot though.

Big Ole’ Bust – Kirk Cousins: If you’re a Kirk Cousins fans, I’ll forgive your outrage. And as a disclaimer, I think he’s a fine player, but he’s not worth drafting at his current ADP while other quarterbacks named Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford are still on the board. Cousins will likely be fine over the course of 16 games, but he’s proven much less than he’s being given credit for and he’s throwing to a collection of talented but often injuried wideouts in DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. If he falls another few rounds he’d likely be be a better value, but in the 10th and 11th rounds I’ll take my chances elsewhere.

BONUS – Robert Griffin III… Going into the offseason I felt that Cleveland was taking a huge chance bringing in another potential headache to replace the departed Johnny Manziel. Now they’ve announced their handing over the key to the Winnebego. So here we are, asking the same question again; does RG3 have any football left in him? It’s likely in shallow leagues he’ll spend a week or two riding the waiver bus, but in deeper leagues he may be worth a late (and I do mean late) flier. If he is on your roster watch the waivers in case he does flame out spectacularly (as I see him doing).